Andres Janser, Arthur Ruegg. Hans Richter. New living. Architecture. Film. Space


Андрес Янсер, Артур Руегг. Ганс Рихтер. Новая жизнь. Архитектура. Фильм. Космос

Артикул: 978-3-907078-22-8 Категория: Издательство:


New Living (Das Neue Wohnen) was the title of an exceptional architectural propaganda film created in 1930 by German avant-garde artist and filmmaker Hans Richter. It showcased exemplary modernist buildings and furniture — some of which were on view shortly after in the prestigious exhibition The International Style — and contrasted them with the impractical, unhygienic living spaces that were the norm. Visually diverse and full of experimental montage techniques, New Living pioneered a radical method of portraying architecture on celluloid