Alexander Zabrin

About the author

Born in 1948 in Moscow. Has been engaged with photography since 1970.

1978 Completed a two-year photojournalism course at the House of Journalists

1980–2000 Head of the photographic laboratory of the Department of Arts and technical design of printed materials, Moscow Polygraphic Institute

1989 Prize-winner of the Jazz Photo International Exhibition in Warsaw

2003 Nominee at Silver Camera 2003 Photography Contest

Solo exhibitions at jazz festivals:

Arkhangelsk (1982, 1989–1992, 2014); Birštonas (1986); Cheboksary (1986, 1988); Grenoble (2007); Izhevsk (2005); Moscow (1982–1984, 1988, 1990, 1994); Muenster (1990); Novosibirsk (1986, 1993–1994); Riga (1985–1988); Samara (1984); Tbilisi (1986); Tallinn (1988); Yaroslavl (1981, 1989, 1991, 1993); Zurich (1989)

Solo exhibitions:

1994 Solo exhibition at the Theater Vernissage, Moscow

1995 A. Zabrin, V. Yakovlev, K. Mamonov. Photography, Painting, Graphic Art. Moscow, Moskovskaya Palitra Gallery

1996 Kalyazin, Yakutia. Jazz. Photobiennale. Moscow, Moskovskaya Palitra Gallery

Playing Jazz (collaboration with graphic artist M. Perfilyeva). Warsaw, Russian Center for Culture and Science

1998 I Have Seen Lenin. Moscow, Dar Gallery

1999 Jazz. Followed by the presentation of four photo books. Moscow, Soros Center for Contemporary Art

Stars of Jazz. To the 100th anniversary of Duke Ellington. Moscow, Spaso House

1999–2000 I Have Seen Lenin. Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Art Museum; Samara, V. I. Lenin Memorial Museum

2002 Jazz. The 2nd Photo Festival Pro Zrenie. Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Fair

2003 Reflections and Shadows (exhibition and artist talk). Moscow, Moscow Jewish Community Center

Exhibition in memoriam artist Yuri Sobolev. Moscow, Cultural Center Dom

2004–2005 Solo exhibitions in France. Grenoble, Gabriel Peri Library, Paul Langevin Library

2006 Recalling Vladimir Yakovlev. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

2007 France, Khiva (Uzbekistan), China. Grenoble, France. Gabriel Peri Library, Paul Langevin Library

2007 West — East. Tallinn, Russian Gallery

Walking around Moscow Cineraria. Moscow, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Mongol — Two Realities. Moscow, Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

20082009 Triumph of Jazz. 1978–2008. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography; Moscow, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2009 At Vladimir Yakovlev’s Easel. To the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Yakovlev (A. Zabrin, K. Mamonov. Graphic art, photography). Moscow, Zverev Center of Contemporary Art

2010 Contemporary Art-World Figures. 1985–1995. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

2011 Triumph of Jazz. Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk State Art Museum

Spain. 2002–2010. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

2012 Contemporary Art-World Figures (1985–1995). Moscow, Era Foundation

2013 Jazz in Photographs by A. Zabrin. KULTURUS Festival. Prague, Reduta Jazz Club 

Contemporary Art-World Figures 1985–1995. St Petersburg, ROSPHOTO State Museum and Exhibition Center

2014 Mongol — Two Realities. Moscow, Photobiennale 2014. Parallel Program. Fine Art Gallery

2015 I Do Believe — I Don’t Believe. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

2016 Soviet Province. Kalyazin-1979, Khiva-1978, Yakutia-1991. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography

Group exhibitions:

1984–1989  Jazz Photo International Exhibitions in Warsaw

1986 100 Best Photographs of the Jazz Photo Exhibition 1984–1986 in Warsaw. The Hague, the Netherlands

Gallery in the Gallery. Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery

1997 The Others. Painting, Photography, Icons. Yaroslavl, City Exhibition Hall

2000 Jazz in Books and Photographs. Moscow, Russian State Library of Arts

Russia: 20th Century in Photographs. Photobiennale 2000. Moscow, Central House of Artists

Roofs and Parks. Moscow, Moscow Center of Arts

2001 60 Photographs of Vladimir Yakovlev. Art Moscow Fair. Moscow, Central House of Artists

2004 Silver Camera 2003 Contest. Moscow, Moscow House of Photography

2005 Russian View of Europe. Exhibition of the Moscow House of Photography in Brussels, Belgium

2006 Russian View of Europe. Photobiennale 2006. Moscow, State Museum of Architecture

2017 Kitchen. Moscow, Kovcheg Gallery

Books and films:

Soviet Jazz. Slide film. Director Y. Sobolev; screenwriter A. Kabakov; photographer A. Zabrin. Moscow, 1986

Soviet Jazz. Collection of research articles. Photographs by A. Zabrin. Moscow: Sovetsky Kompozitor, 1987

ODMO. Slide film. Director Y. Sobolev; artist B. Mamonov; photographer A. Zabrin. Moscow, 1988

Portrait of a Master of Photography: A. Zabrin. Moscow: Sputnik, 1988

Boy. Animated film. Director M. Krymova; screenwriter V. Zolotukha; photographer A. Zabrin. Moscow, 1997

Caligula. Stereo slide film. Director B. Mamonov, photographer A. Zabrin. Moscow, 1997

Jazz. Four photo books. Moscow, 1999

60 Photographs of Vladimir Yakovlev. Collectible photo book. Moscow, 2001

Contemporary Art-World Figures. 1985–1995. Photo book. Moscow, 2012

Triumph of Jazz. 1978–2012. Photo book. Moscow, 2013

Mongol — Two Realities. Photo book. Moscow, 2014

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