The constantly expanding ROSPHOTO collection houses unique materials, that present an overview of the art of Russian and world photography, history of art styles and aesthetics, development of photographic techniques, technology evolution.

When making acquisitions or accepting as donations authors’ works, negatives on glass or film negatives, albums, different print materials or cameras, ROSPHOTO follows principles common for all collections of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation. We take into account documental value of the selected works, but our main priority is the object’s art value.

A considerable part of the collection is formed by archives and collections of photographs which were acquired as a single whole. It is difficult to overestimate their significance for researchers and art critics. One may mention, for example, collection of Russian historical and regional photography dating back to the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th cc.; portrait photography collection of the same epoch, that includes works by S. Levitsky and M. Nappelbaum; album of photographs made during the expedition headed by O. Schmidt on the ice-breaker “Georgy Sedov” (1929-1930).

Our collection houses ferrotypes, daguerreotypes, stereo photographs, works made using materials typical for the beginning of the photography age.


Last updated on 8.08.2016