The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO presents a joint project with one of the major museums of photography in the world — George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. ROSPHOTO’s staff translated a 12-episode film by George Eastman Museum on the history of photography into the Russian language and created subtitles. Each episode is a brief insight into one of the milestones in the photographic technology timeline.

George Eastman is a legendary figure in the history of photography, an inventor and entrepreneur, founder of Eastman Kodak Company. The company produced easy-to-use cameras that made photography accessible to the broad public, processed film for the consumers, and put flexible roll film on the market, which was crucial to the development of cinematography.

The Museum was established in 1947 on the estate of George Eastman. It is the first museum of photography in the world and one of the oldest film archives. The museum collection embraces several million items from the domains of photography, cinema, photographic and cinematographic technologies. The museum holds one of the leading positions in the restoration and conservation of photographic heritage.

List of episodes:

  1. Before Photography
  2. The Daguerreotype
  3. Talbot's Processes
  4. The Cyanotype
  5. The Collodion Processes
  6. The Albumen Silver Print
  7. The Platinum Print
  8. The Pigment Processes
  9. The Woodburytype
  10. The Gelatin Silver Process
  11. Color Photography
  12. Digital Photography

Last updated on 27.07.2020