Nordic Autumn is ROSPHOTO's project presented in the framework of the Nordic Look festival, the annual project of the Nordic Council of Ministers Information Board, organized in St.-Petersburg. Nordic Look is aimed to introduce to the Russian audience newest trends in fashion, design and art photography and to enrich connection and collaboration between Russian and Nordic professionals working in the sphere of fashion.

As a part of the project, ROSPHOTO plans to display in its spaces personal exhibition of Ari Magg, one of the leading Icelandic photographers, along with a show dedicated to the history of Finnish fashion photography lent by the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki.

Ari Magg was born and now lives in Iceland, his motherland being the source of his artistic inspiration. Over the last seven years he has become the leading advertisement photographer in Iceland and well known in Europe. Ari was the 2005 and 2006 finalist of Epica Awards, the most important European advertisement competition. Annually from 2000 on, he has been the recipient of the Iceland Ad Awards. Ari Magg has worked with the leading businesses in his country – Icelandair airlines, main Icelandic banks, mobile communications companies Vodafone and Iceland Telecom, 66North – one of the country's oldest clothing producers. He works with most known Icelandic musicians such as Bjork and Sigur Ros, creating the images that make them known to the world.

The exhibition features Ari Magg's most known works created for Reyka, 66North and other advertisement campaigns.