ROSPHOTO presents the exhibition of the emerging artists, participants of the internationally renown photography project reGeneration 2: Tomorrow's Photographers Today: Jacinthe Lessard-L (Montreal, Canada), Sylvia Doebelt (Leipzig, Germany), Yusuke Nishimura (New York, USA), and Frederick Vidal (Hamburg, Germany).

The project BLUE SKIES & CATS is an analytical investigation of the image and the specificity of the photographic medium. The exhibition title draws its name from two scientific concepts: Blue Skies Research and Schrödinger's cat. The first term refers to research activities without implicit goals, specific terms or pre-defined boundaries. The objects of such investigation can only be identified through being undetermined and unexplained. The second concept (which brings CATS to the title) takes into consideration that the object of research changes when being observed, which is also an inherent quality of photography.

But the connotations of blue skies and cats also indicate a genre of candid photography which offers a window to the world around us or a mirror to it. The artists were intrigued by these contradicting notions of words and consciously chose this absurd etiquette while their photography leans towards abstraction, or to say the least, blurs the relationship to the referent.

The images being shown have been created through the photographers’ experiments with different aspects of the photographic process (optics, light, color, exposure, reversal processes). They enable the viewer to have a unique experience of photography. Projections and multiple exposures as well as the photographic scrutiny of simple surfaces and spaces – such as white masking tape, a plane tree's bark or the space of the Camera Obscura – result in a variety of photographic images that pose a great number of questions about the relationship between the chosen objects, the world and photography.