Boris Mikhalevkin (b. 1930) is a member of the Union of Photo artists and the Union of Artists of Russia. His achievements include numerous awards in professional competitions, prizes in different photo contests, in 1995 he was granted a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

Works of Boris Mikhalevkin were presented at twenty seven solo exhibitions. They are displayed in the Museum of Vatican, Museum of Fine Arts (New Mexico, USA), Museum of Photography (Bievres, France) and form part of many other collections in different institutions of France, USA, Lithuania, Russia, including collection of Norton and Nancy Dodge which is the biggest collection of the Soviet Nonconformist Art.

One of the artist's characteristics is that he perceives nature of photo art as space for dialogue between author and life and trusts black-and-white imagery completely.

Boris Mikhalevkin possesses a unique gift of being able to see and express harmony of a "moment of life", every day routine. His works are marked by ingenuousness of feelings combined with complex and refined composition. Photographs by Mikhalevkin are, according to the widely known definition, "moments of the life stream" seen and captured by a big master with an intent, enraptured, but at the same time ironic eye.

Location: House of Cinema, Karavannaya str., 12