As part of the Year of Childhood, ROSPHOTO presents an exhibition of children’s photographs taken by parents — art photographers, commercial family and fashion photography professionals, and skillful amateurs.

Viewers will discover a personal gaze, a perspective free from genre demands and professional challenges. What do parents photograph? Is it the brevity of childhood, or growing up and maturing, or relationships with siblings? Is it self-portrait, or memories of their own childhood, or unrealized dreams and fairy-tales? Photography becomes a means of delving into the relationships between children and parents.

Participants: Anna Aseeva, Elena Glushkova, Tatyana Grachyova, Tatyana Kiryushkina, Irina Ozhigova, Asya Pavlova, Zhenya Skiba, Zhenya Surina, Katya Sytnik, Olga Troyanovskaya, Natalya Fyodorova, Lera Tsvetkova, Sergey Shcherbakov