The art project Cosmos has stared up during Rozanov’s journeys to Mongolia, Antarctica and Northern Atlantic. The large format black-and-white pictures depict majestic endless spaces of deserts, oceans, ice fields and icebergs.

The artworks are represented in three series, each featuring a symmetrical diptych – an original photograph and its identical copy, printed in inversed manner. There is no symmetry in nature, and thus, such a technique is the artist’s way to create a piece of ultra-ordered space of his own.

Black and white analog picture is Mikhail Rozanov’s favourite medium of photography. He is known for his minimalist style, clarity and austerity of compositions. In such a manner the photographer does his best to show various states and conditions: stillness and motion, consistency and evanescence, transience and infinity.

The central theme of Rozanov’s oeuvre is a man’s search for himself and his interrelation with space and cosmos. The term “cosmos” has come from a classic philosophy and refers to a complex and orderly system, such as Universe, which is the opposite of Chaos.