A new and comprehensive exhibition at ROSPHOTO (on view till June 18) presents the works by Victor Ilyin, a Kazakhstan and Saint Petersburg-based photographer of international renown, a prominent representative of Russian artistic photography. The display comprises 104 original gelatin silver prints which span over twenty seven years of the photographer’s creative work.

The oeuvre of Victor Ilyin stands out from the major trends in Saint Petersburg photography. You won’t find landmark city views in his works. His artistic world outlook was formed by the vast open spaces of Kazakhstan and Kirgizia, the places where he spent considerable part of his life. It was geography that influenced his oeuvre. Ilyin’s photographs rarely feature actions and events but we always see the earth and sky wide open in them. Apart from the landscapes, other important things for the photographer’s creative pursuit are the photo portraits which often depict his close ones.

Victor Ilyin was born in Chelyabinsk in 1957. Then he lived in Kazakhstan for quite a long time. In 1985 his works were displayed for the first time ever at the international photo fair EUROPA-85 under the auspices of FIAP in Reus (Spain). In 1989 his photographs were exhibited at a photo fair in Beijing, where one of them was awarded a bronze medal. Throughout his career Ilyin has participated in many other important photo exhibitions which have taken place in more than 30 countries. In 1992 he became a member of the Russian Union of Photographers. Ilyin has taken part in numerous photo events in Russia and has held fourteen personal exhibitions.

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