The exhibition is dedicated to the recent history of the Russian submarine fleet, to a large extent synchronous to the recent history of our country. The memorial project is the homage to all who faithfully performed and performs their duty, tribute to all those who gave their lives.

The project is the visual reconstruction of the interior, fragments and images of a unique space, rather irreal for a common viewer and at the same time existing in real life where the strange constructions, mechanisms, the "life" of mannequins and immersion suits are organized in the form of rituals whereas their environment bears reflections and signs of the passed events.

The project Emergency Ascent initially sprang from the impression of the interior of one of St.-Petersburg Orthodox churches (Church of the Icon of Mater Amabilis on Vassilievsky Island) where a training station for submariners was founded in 1930s. Author of the project, Zakhar Kolovsky, captured stage by stage each element of the space in full detail. All that was left from the past decoration of the church were fragments of marble facing and flaked plaster. Appliances for experimenting and training were constructed in side-altars. A place for a swimming pool was found, too. The focus of this complex was the deep diving and emergency ascent simulator rising up to the dome and embraced by the spiral stairs.

Zakhar Kolovsky's pictures, with their reportage veracity, form a story full of allusions when combined in multi-particulate compositions. Through a glass-pane door with broken cross we enter the space of the church. Dry texts of instructions instead of icons can be seen on the walls. The deep diving simulator strangely reminds of a chandelier: same form of rod with rings around it, corresponding scale and directly opposite meaning. As if the symbol of heavenly world were replaced by a volume imitating underwater space.

Such project would be in line for any postmodernist. But there is no place for any irony here, everything is for real. We face a unique example of a case when basic archetypes initially inherent to a sacral space transfer to objects heterogeneous for it. The purposeless overlaying of meanings seems to have spiritualized this training station and turned it into a peculiar monument to the submarine force, its victories and tragedies.