Over the years, different corners of Italy, from snow-covered mountain peaks to the sweltering heat of southern towns, have been photographed by the great masters of several generations. In their works, varied in tone, technique and style, they sought to capture the diverse Italy in all the richness and complexity of its history and traditions.

The exhibition Italiae. From Alinari to the Masters of Contemporary Photography celebrates the charm and diversity of the Apennine Peninsula. An anthology of images from the last century and a half, is compiled from the works of more than 75 photographers. Among them are names that have already made it into the history of photography, such as the Alinari brothers, Giorgio Roster, Giovanni Crupi, Vittorio Sella, as well as contemporary authors like Franco Fontana, Paolo Spigariol, Gabriele Basilico, and Antonio Biasiucci. Different perspectives, techniques, and subjects add up to an unusual visual narrative that reveals the connections between historical and contemporary photography.

Without claiming to summarize all of Italian photography, the exhibition seeks to explore the aesthetic solutions that run through more than 160 years of images, from the first cabinet portraits to virtual photography.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: Landscape, Works, and Faces. Each of them constitutes a virtual geographical, historical and artistic path that captures, in a multifaceted variety of themes, the mutations of a country in continuous evolution: North and South, city and countryside, work and leisure, tradition and innovation, social history and cultural life. In total, visitors will see more than 120 works.

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