In 2012, the exhibition halls in Bolshaya Morskaya introduce to the audience the best items from ROSPHOTO collections. Traveling exhibitions to be shown in several towns in Russia include some of the best-received projects of recent years.

The exhibition of XIX century photography is one of the most important events of ROSPHOTO Anniversary program. This exhibition introduces to audience the items that formed the core of ROSPHOTO collection: photographs by well known masters William Carrick, Alfred Lorens, Dmitry Yermakov, Maxim Dmitriyev, as well as no less interesting anonymous works.

As part of this project, the work of William Carrick (1827–1878) is exhibited in Dom Kino. An outstanding photographer, William Carrick was born in Scotland. He spent most part of his life in Russia, and his name has a special place in the history of Russian photography, especially the early period of Russian photography and its influence on Russian Realist painting. His photographs of the life of common people, main concern of the Russian progressive society in the 1860s, were received by many as “serious help to painting”.

ROSPHOTO collection includes approximately 30 Carrick's photographs from the expeditions, most of them are on display at the exhibition in Dom Kino.

Exhibition location: House of Cinema6 Karavannaya str., 12.