The exhibition is comprised of photographs created for UNICEF, UN and OSCE in the years 2007-2010. Via black-and-white hand-printed photographs, the viewer is presented with the fragments of life in the countries that have survived tragic events. The title of the exhibition refers to theatrical and cinematic performances. After the events pass, reality turns into décor, and the details, picked out by the photographer’s lens, turn into a testimony.

The author comments on his work:

― The regions that sparked my special interest were Kosovo, Abkhazia and Transnistria. At that moment, all of them were internationally unrecognized. It was my mission to illustrate the development process of all three regions. But in the end, the photos that I took during the trips have become rather a personal visual diary than a report on a given topic. The main thing I understood having spent time there is that war is all-absorbing. War is striking. War is a drug that every participant is on.

The exhibition shows more than 60 photographs. It is supplemented with a thematically unified multimedia sculpture “The Gaze” (2019), made of acrylic glass, and a film “Internal Displacements” (2010) – an award-winner at the “Air France” exhibition in Paris.