ROSPHOTO and the St. Petersburg society A-YA in cooperation with Magnum Photos present a retrospective exhibition of the legendary Magnum photographer Mark Power. The exhibition project Pictures from Home includes works from several iconic series of author.

Among them are: Shipping Weather Forecast (1996), an investigation of a British cultural phenomenon that is little-known in Russia — broadcasting of daily marine weather forecasts, held by BBC Radio 4 in the coastal areas of Great Britain; The City of Six Towns (2015), a series of photographs taken in Stoke-on-Trent, a city formed in 1910 when six cities (Stoke, Hanley, Tunstall, Burslem, Longton and Fenton) merged into one; 26 Different Endings (2007), an artistic record of London suburban landscapes, a map delineating the borders of the British capital. 

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to trace the development of Mark Power's visual language and creative thinking from his first student projects to his most recent series as a member of Magnum Photos. Over the years, the author has shifted from the classic black-and-white reportage aesthetic, seen in the project Shipping Forecast, to the analytical aesthetic of deadpan photography, present in the projects 26 Different Endings, The City of Six Towns, and others. Shooting in color, Mark Power uses large format cameras, which gives his images a feeling of stability and peacefulness. Mark Power is one of Magnum Photos' most interesting contributors.

In total, the exhibition includes more than a hundred photographs by the master.

The exhibition is organized by ROSPHOTO and Saint Petersburg A-YA Society in cooperation with Greenwich University in London within the framework of the Festival of Contemporary British Photography. The event is part of the international UK — Russia Creative Bridge 2021–2022 program supported by the Department of Culture and Education at the British Embassy in Moscow.

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