For many years, the city has been main theme of Vladimir Antoschenkov's photographs.

Many outstanding images appeared over a number of years under his attentive eye (V. Antoschenkov holds the Chair of Urban Studies and Urban Environment Design at St.Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, conducts a workshop). These images are inhabited by granite lions, stone atlantes and St.Petersburg roofs, the self sufficient characters of his black-and-white histories. This time, characters of the recent but irremeable time found their way into his usually uninhabited city. Ticket inspector at Illusionist attraction in Tavrichesky Garden, stately Granny with classical soviet string bag, bored young woman waiting for customers at the Live Milk wagon, policemen scrutinizing a  hand painted poster of a USA-made film, a pensioner enjoying his well-earned rest on a bench next to Workday Motto sculptural group…  The touching images of the inhabitants of Leningrad-St.Petersburg have been collected by the author for decades. However, the way they are displayed at Dom Kino is to be seen by the audience for the first time. The exhibition opens a new area of Vladimir Antoschenkov's work, the one hitherto kept in the shadow.

Maria Gavrilchik

Venue: House of Cinema