Lyudmila Ivanova started photographing in the late 1970s, when she became interested in Eastern Orthodoxy. She received recognition from the public in 1987, at the jubilee exhibition of the legendary Leningrad-based photo club “Zerkalo” (Mirror), where Lyudmila Ivanova displayed a small photo series Church dedicated to the rural Orthodox life and culture in the Pskov Oblast. The series Church was the first successful attempt for Lyudmila Ivanova to find her own way in photography. The succeeding exhibitions were also devoted to Orthodox faith: The Optina Pustyn (Monastery), Holy Russia, Within the Church Walls, Christ Has Risen!, I Do Believe!, Going To Sky and Heathen!, Children’s Album. The pictures from these series have been displayed in many museums and churches in Russia and abroad, and now the guests to the event can see them exhibited at ROSPHOTO.

By the early 1990s Lyudmila Ivanova has developed her own, recognizable style of photography. She focused on the inner world of men and women who followed the Orthodox tradition. In her photographs Lyudmila Ivanova depicts the life of monasteries and convents, covering both everyday activities and sacraments of faith. Her works are penetrated with light, love and peace, and are dedicated to the most important things in the life of every person: faith, spiritual search and the choice of the path of life.