Juozas Budraitis

About the author

Juozas Budraitis was born on 6 October 1940 in the village of Liepynai, Kelmės district. In 1973, Budraitis graduated from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University, and in 1981, he competed his studies at the Advanced Course for Screenwriters and Film Directors in Moscow. In 1989–1996, Budraitis was the chairman of Lithuanian Theatre Union. In 1995–2010, he held a post of cultural attaché at the Lithuanian Embassy in Russian Federation. In 2003, Budraitis was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Lithuanian Order of Merit for Lithuania, and in 2014 he was awarded the Medal “For Merit in the Lithuanian Diplomatic Service.”

Juozas Budraitis is known for more than a hundred roles in Lithuaninan, Soviet and foreign films and television films. He appeared in “Nobody Wanted to Die” (1965, dir. Vytautas Žalakevičius), “Feelings” (1968, dir. Alimantas Grikiavicius, Algirdas Dausa), “Everything about Columbus” (1970, dir. Vytautas Žalakevičius), “That Sweet Word: Liberty!” (1972, dir. Vytautas Žalakevičius), “With You and Without You” (1973, dir. Rodion Nahapetov), “The Lost Home” (1976, dir. Almantas Grikevičius), “The Fairfax Millions” (1980, dir. Nikolai Ilyinsky), and “Garden Eden” (2015, dir. Algimantas Puipa).

Since 1979, Juozas Budraitis has been working in theatre. He received attention for his roles of Halvard Solness (Henrik Ibsen, The Master Builder. 1980, dir. Jonas Vaitkus), Šarūnas (Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius, Šarūnas, Duke of Dainava. 1980, dir. Jonas Vaitkus), Richard II (William Shakespeare, Richard II. 1985, dir. Jonas Vaitkus), and Krapp (Samuel Beckett, Krapp’s Last Tape. 2013, dir. Oskaras Korsunovas).

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