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Sergei Sveshnikov (1959–2012) lived and worked in Saint-Petersburg. His teacher in photography was Oleg Bakharev, one of the leading photography masters of the 1970s in Leningrad.

Sergei Sveshnikov has had 15 personal exhibitions and took part in over 50 group shows in and outside Russia, including:

  • “Photos on St. John’s Day” (1994), Borey Gallery, St.-Petersburg
  • “Keme Art” (1995), Manezh Gallery, Moscow
  • “Keme Art” (1995), Johannesburg Biennial
  • “Still-Lives” (1996), Selskaya Zhizn Gallery, St.-Petersburg
  • “Portraits” (1997), Alexey Gorky Palace of Culture, St.-Petersburg
  • “Just Photographs” (1998), St.-Petersburg University, Faculty of journalism
  • “The Heart of Darkness” (1999), Borey Gallery, St.-Petersburg
  • “Here and There” (2000), Cardiff College of Arts, Wales
  • “Roll of Honour” (2001), Selskaya Zhizn Gallery, St.-Petersburg
  • “Portrait of an Old House” (2002), National Centre of Photography and St.-Petersburg Society “A-Ya”
  • “Identification” (2005) Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow), National Centre of Photography (Saint-Petersburg)
  • “Enthropy” (2005) Jam Hall Cinema gallery (Saint-Petersburg)
  • “Homo Photos. Photographers’ Self-Portraits” (2005) National Centre of Photography – Museum of City Sculpture (Saint-Petersburg)
  • “Positive Processes” (2007) National Centre of Photography (Saint-Petersburg), Modny Dom Gallery (Omsk).
  • “Roll of Honours-2” (2006), Asa-Art Gallery, St.-Petersburg

Sergei Sveshnikov’s works are part of the collections of ROSPHOTO and Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow), some are owned by various museums and private collectors in Germany, Spain, France, and Scotland.

During his work at Leningrad Popular Science Film Studio in 1983–1989, Sergei Sveshnikov took part in the creation of over twenty documentaries (directors D. Delov, A. Sidelnikov, A. Karpushev, N. Makarov and others), also he participated in creation of vinyl records by Sergei Kuryokhin and Oleg Butman. Sveshnikov’s photographs were published in albums “Ladoga. It’s Not Late Yet” (1987) and “Tragic December” (1989) printed by Planeta publishing house.

In 2007–2011 photographer worked at ROSPHOTO where he conducted master-classes on printing techniques and created outstanding art projects.

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