A project with a dancer, a black space, a mirror – and a camera. A project by a photographer who wanted to explore the body's movements – by observing, staging and provoking a dancer.

Curiosity gave rise to a number of timeless questions to the body:How does a movement arise? What is the movement's nucleus? Can the movement go over into a state? Can such a state dissolve the body's – and the ego's identity? And most important: How does the body create the space – and conquer it?

1. The body meets the space

The woman rests in the body. The body, which unfolds itself in the space – in movements which have not yet received form.

2. The body defines the space

The woman dances classical ballet – "The Arabian Dance" from The Nutcracker. The camera moves around the body's space: From in front, from behind and from the side. The nudity cleanses the movements of ballet's fixed aesthetics – and transfers the woman's own dawning sensuality to the dance.

3. The body challenges the space

The body breaks out of the classical movements and the woman forms her very own expressions. Outbursts of feeling take off in a foot, a shoulder, a neck… The goal of the energy each time is a new place out in the space. Or inside the space. The space becomes delimited – and challenged.

4. The body conquers the space

In the mirror the body is confronted with itself. The body sees in – the woman sees out. The senses explode. The eyes open wide and the body splits into astonishment. The woman sees her own transformation. Is she the body, or is the body her? In the look the dream unfolds, while the moment stands still. The body has conquered the space.