Alexandra Mitlyanskaya’s work oscillates between a static shot and a moving image. It shows either a process slowed down to the extreme or a reiteration of a short, although intense and dynamic cycle. While one can hardly sense the presence of the camera (and thus the artist), the video might even carry an illusion that it is the real world the viewer sees, open to them alone. On the other hand, such images are precise mirrors of the mind: it is exactly this way they swarm around in our heads or obtain a barely animated state of being. Each time, this seemingly simple video demonstrates a miracle of transmutation of matter of various human feelings and states of being into visual forms of the surrounding world. As a result, the protomatter of art is synthesized, accumulating the very special air of that part of the limbo which is only made up of aesthetic fluid. 

A retrospective exhibition will present 25 video works.