Jeju-do or Jeju Island is a fantastic place, a hidden gem of Korea with its pristine forests, volcanoes, and waterfalls; a World Heritage site; a traveler’s mecca.

The artist invites us to embark on a journey to the heart of the island, where the perpetual motion of nature is captured by the eye of the camera, discovering timelessness in a frozen moment.

All photographs are shot on black and white film and printed on paper, which is quite similar to the traditional paper used in Asian art. The prints resemble medieval Korean ink works rather than contemporary photography.  Just like the old masters of the Joseon period, Jo Injeung uses blots and washes, sharp lines and dry strokes, creating a serene harmony of Yin and Yang.

Jo Injeung’s photographs not only capture the original beauty of Jeju Island but also make a reference to the concept of four elements, significant for the Korean culture. All four elements unite in Jeju-do, constituting the island’s greatest mystery.