The beauty of nature, human psyche, family, and hard work of farming are the main themes in the works by Anatoly Cherkasov, a master of platinotype.

The author considers his practices primarily as a way to interact with the surrounding space. Cherkasov strives for simplicity and clarity in his perspective of the world. Through photography, he expresses unity with it, his love for the land, kind attitude towards people.

The technique of platinotype, with its subtle and rich tonal gradations and sharp rendering of details, allows the author to create images of painterly fine art quality, depicting the world of someone who lives off the land and constantly interacts with nature. Today only a few photographers use platinum in their practice. In addition to its many features, the technique also requires special skills, a certain “printmaker’s intuition.” Working with brush and paper is difficult but the result is worthwhile: the vast range of grey monochrome tonality, lush and deep. The author’s ability to analyze and plan the composition of photographs, along with his distinct statement, makes these works truly unique. Cherkasov manages to fully immerse viewers in his photographic images; his works captivate. The beauty of nature and the clarity of images, printed in the rare technique, make the exhibition an experience of true aesthetic pleasure.

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