Anita Petra Hamremoen (born 1966, Sandnes, Norway) is an artist who mainly works with the medium of photography. In her work, she explores themes such as Time, Universality and Stillness by going into natural landscapes, as well as the landscapes of the mind, bringing us into a timeless and unspecified world. Rather than presenting us with concrete places and temporalities, her photographs could have been taken anywhere at any time.

In her series Poetica, Anita Petra Hamremoen obliterates time. She interprets the timeless, making us enter a meditative state. Her works are perceived as if they were created by a single movement of the camera. The artist was greatly influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky’s films, his attitudes, and images of his characters.

Sombre light, barren trees, horses, fire, water, and human beings in an authentic state and in a natural landscape — these are some of the characteristics Anita Hamremoen has taken from the world of Tarkovsky and moulded into her own vision. She dedicates her works to the great director, as if sending a silent message into the past — and to all of us.

This series includes works that were selected the Director’s Choice at the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography in 2014. 

I want to walk into a dream, into a world that is unknown and yet strangely familiar. What lies further inside the image is determined by the viewer. 

Anita Petra Hamremoen

Interview with Anita Petra Hamremoen: