Anita Hamremoen

About the author

After receiving her first camera at the age of nine, Anita Hamremoen (1966) has enthusiastically photographed ever since. Early in her career, as a graphic designer, she also worked as an assistant to a photographer learning the analog way. Photography has always been a part of her life.

Anita wanted to educate herself further and learnt more about the profession attending workshops both in Norway and abroad. She has studied with famous  master photographers including Morten Krogvold, Joyce Tenneson, Deborah Turbeville and William Ropp, with avid dedication and determination. A powerhouse of energy and initiative confronts anyone meeting Anita for the first time. Viewing her work, one quickly discovers a depth in her images, meeting melancholy and vulnerability, which often brings tears to the eyes of the beholder. It is all about life, longing, loss, joy, dreams, memories, childhood and death.

She is a qualified graphic designer with previous work for publishers, ad agencies and her own company for the last 15 years. The newfound strong dedication to fine art photography was initiated after a workshop back in 2007. For her, that was a point of «no return».

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