In 2016, internationally renowned photographer Florian Groehn visited the House of War and Labor Veterans No. 1 in Pavlovsk to create a series of portraits of its inhabitants — participants in the Second World War, workers and residents of besieged Leningrad. The photo shoot, organized by a Russian radio journalist Anna Timofeeva, was the starting point for a dialogue between the older and the younger generations. The first meeting was followed by the second one — thus The Bridge project came into being, the main purpose of which was to preserve this invaluable experience of exchanging opinions, interests, and thoughts.

An interactive exhibition includes photographs, film, and audio recordings. In addition, the project has become a kind of social experiment. The heroes, many of whom are now from eighty to a hundred years old, wrote down the questions they would like to ask today’s twenty- or thirty-year-olds. At the exhibition, one could leave his or her answers to these questions, as well as get acquainted with the replies of others. So, with the help of new technologies, a dialogue between generations continues.

Curator of the project Anna Timofeeva