Florian Groehn

About the author

Born 1974 in Juelich, Germany

1996–1999 Diploma of Photography (Queensland college of art, Brisbane, Australia) 

1998–2001 Photographers’ assistant (Australia) 

From 2001 on Self-employed as freelance photographer (Germany & Australia) 


1999 Arnhem Land group exhibition at QCA Brisbane, Australia

2014 SLAP photography exhibition at Somos Gallery in Berlin, Germany 

2015 This Time It’s Personal group exhibition at Sun Studios, Sydney, Australia


1999 Arnhem Land (documentary portraits), Northern Territory, Australia 

2013–2014 The Highlanders (documentary portraits). Enga Province, Papua New Guinea 

2016 The Walrus Club (documentary series), St Petersburg, Russia 

2016–2017 Architecture Project on Soviet and Post-Soviet Architecture in Russia and Georgia 

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