Peter Miller is one of the few practitioners of photogravure process today. In this process, photographic image is reproduced by printing from a photochemically etched metal plate. The complex photogravure process consists of obtaining a glass plate negative, creation of positive, transfer of positive image to copper plate by etching, hand-coloring the plate and printing the image with a hand-operated printing machine.

In response to the question — 'Why do you go to all this trouble?' — Peter Miller suggests that photogravures are true works of Art expanding reality and enhancing perception. Graphic and pictorial effects achieved by the method of photogravure etching clear the image of documentary details and render it integrity and artistic quality.

The selection prepared for Wayfinding exhibition at ROSPHOTO comprises Peter Miller's landscape images: river currents and waves, mists, trees, snow-clad peaks, pathways and traditional Japanese villages with their inhabitants.