Igor Savchenko

About the author

Igor Savchenko started to photograph as a schoolboy, having received photo-camera as a birthday present. His camera captured “mostly urban environment with no people in it. To take out your camera in a street and start shooting, with people around you, or, even more, in the midst of events, that was absolutely unthinkable”.  In 1985 Savchenko graduated with honors from Minsk Radiotechnical Institute, and until early 1990s he worked as an engineer. These several years saw his first attempts as art photographer. His photographs of that time were “gloomy, graphic urban landscapes. Minsk, Tallinn, Crimea…”.

In the late 1980s he first exhibited his works in Minsk photography clubs, Minsk and Panorama. In 1990 he received Kodak-Pathe award at the International Photography Salon in Royan. From 1991 on Savchenko has worked as freelance photographer. In 1997 he declares his abandonment of photography and turns to literature. During the following several years he worked on several projects that employed texts and mixed media. In 2006, after almost 10 years’ break, master returns to active photography practice.

Igor Savchenko is the author of a number of personal exhibitions and participant of many group shows.

His works are part of private and public collections in Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, USA, Denmark, Switzerland etc.

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