Max Sher

About the author

Born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) in 1975, raised in Siberia and educated in Siberia and France, Max Sher first published his documentary photographs in 2006 in Ogonyok magazine and then moved on into art photography, installation, and video, still also doing assignments for international print and online media. Sher is primarily interested in the representation of post-Soviet cultural landscape and histories. Sher is the author of a number of artist books and zines, including Palimpsests (Ad Marginem Press, 2018), 245 Khrushchev Housing Entrances (2018, 2019), and Infrastructures – a joint photobook with Sergey Novikov published in 2019. He was nominated for KLM Paul Huf Award (2008), became finalist in the Cord Prize (2013), and short-listed for Barcelona International Photography Award (2015).

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