The main focus of work of Cooper & Gorfer artist duo is the role of women in isolated societies of indigenous people of northern Europe. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer travel across remote and hardly accessible places to study the culture and everyday life of the inhabitants thereof, gathering stories and creating original photographic portraits in a complicated photo collage technique. The exhibition presents two projects by Cooper & Gorfer.

The project Interruptions is based on interviews with the indigenous female inhabitants of the northernmost region of Sweden — Sámi women of varied ages, who have agreed to pose for photographs staging and visualising their stories and circumstances.

The project Weather Diaries is an artistic research of the traditional women’s costume in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. Over two years the artists have collected stories among the local designers and artisans, whose vision has been shaped by the cultures, traditions, and surroundings of the islands. The resulting body of work highlights the innate connections between fashion, culture, and nature.

Organizers: ROSPHOTO and the Consulate General of Sweden in Saint Petersburg

Part of the Nordic Weeks festival