Anders Petersen (Sweden) and Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark), the two internationally highly acclaimed personal documentary photographers from the Northern Europe are showing their work together for the first time. At first glance their images may come across as hard and merciless, but running just beneath the surface – or skin if you like – is an intense, warm depiction of not so much a likeness of reality, but what is felt as real.

Petersen and Sobol both come from the documentary photography tradition, which they have developed into a diary format of personal documentary, their very personal reflections on life, people they meet and the world of today. It is the meeting with the person or place itself that is the important not the photography or its aesthetics. It is as much about the one who is seen, as the one seeing, portraits and self-portraits all in one. It is about life, about raising questions, but it is not about providing answers, and it is about getting to the core of experiences rather than showing a likeness.