The show includes about a hundred black-and-white photographs from different series shot in Moscow, Dublin, Paris, Bristol and Copenhagen.

Krass Clement is a Danish photographer specializing in black and white documentary photography. Having graduated from the National Film School of Denmark as a film director, he chose photography over cinema. His first book, Shadows of the Moment, came out in 1978.

Clement’s works reflect typical Scandinavian melancholy and the tradition of flaneur’s strolling, wandering along the streets to observe urban life. His focus is on man and his place within urban landscape. The photographer captures moments revealing human relations and characters, at the same time painting a portrait of the city.

In cooperation with the Danish Institute of Culture and the Art Museum in Sorø (Denmark)

Artist talk with Krass Clement (in English)

Special guest — Ingrid Fischer Jonge

Krass Clement on poetry in photographs, emotions, cities, his photo books, and color (in English)