Exhibition The Standart Yacht and the Family of the Last Russian Emperor is based on memoirs and original photographs from the personal archive of N. V. Sablin, captain 2nd rank, who served on board The Standart yacht from 1906 until 1916.

A significant part of these photographs were made by the co-owner of the K. E. von Ghan & Co. photo studio, a famous Russian photographer A. K. Yagelsky, Court Photographer to His Imperial Majesty. He was entitled to conduct photo shoots of the imperial family. The exhibition includes photographs by the K. E. von Ghan & Co. photo studio, as well as remarkable documentary shots taken on board the imperial yacht. Besides photographs, the display features original letters of Emperor Nicholas II, written on board the vessel, watercolors and a collection of postcards devoted to The Standart, yacht log book, and a variety of other unique documents.

Photographs taken on board The Standart yacht will be presented to the broad audience for the first time ever. Visitors will have a chance to get a glimpse into the private life of the royal family through these little-known photographs, which were meant to be kept away from prying eyes, hence their sincerity and frankness.