The conference will take form as an online video-series of interviews, with a wide range of representatives of museum, heritage and conservation projects that were awarded in 2020.

Alexey Tikhonov, IT Projects Director at ROSPHOTO, will serve as one of the interviewers in the IMAGINES section, which is focused on new technologies and multimedia, , various accomplishments will be covered, including a sign language video guide, different open-access solutions, a digital collections’ platform, an audio-description tool, infinity projection, a virtual museum-building video game, on-site installation for museums, 3D video-mapping, and AR, VR and XR projects.
Among the 28 laureates from the core programme diverse achievements will be presented, ranging from secret surveillance, biodiversity, the colonial past, museum activism, lifestyle, paper printing and art, but also family and children support programmes, a youth engaging initiative, cross-border intangible heritage networks, archaeological excavation sites, and conservation, preservation and rehabilitation projects.

Stay tuned for fresh video releases.

Last updated on 2.06.2021