The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO welcomes submissions for publication in the new issue of Photography. Image. Document journal 2023. The journal is peer-reviewed, published annually, and indexed in RSCI.

Scientific periodical Photography. Image. Document has been published continuously by the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO since 2010. The journal was conceived as a platform for constructive exchange of ideas and experience between experts in tangible heritage preservation — historians of culture, culture scholars, historiographers, archivists, paleographers, art historians, forensic experts, scientists who develop means and methods for analysis of photographic and handwritten documents, and evaluation experts.

The topics for papers include:

  • history and theory of photography;
  • multidimensional range of problems when exploring photography in the context of visual culture;
  • phenomenology of photographic image;
  • cognitive particularities of image perception;
  • photographs as historical and aesthetical objects; problems of authenticity of photographic documents; identifying and dating historical photographs;
  • preservation and expert examination of digitized and digital documents; equipment for digitization of artifacts for research purposes; creating digital counterparts and using them for expert examination of documents and museum objects;
  • interdisciplinary approach in heritage studies: physical and chemical examination of photographic documents; photographic and optical-electronic methods in document and museum object examination, modern technologies and equipment for expert examination of documents and museum objects;
  • restoration and conservation of photographic documents;
  • important matters concerning copyright and exclusive rights; intellectual property rights;
  • peer reviews; surveys; iconography.

Proposals (including name, affiliation, the subject of the proposed paper) are accepted until 1 April 2023.

Conference paper submissions are due by 15 May 2023 via email:

Submissions requirements:

For text documents: MS Word, .doc, .docx format, 12-point Times New Roman, 1,25-cm left indent, fully justified, single line spacing, 2-cm margins, no hyphenation.
Pictures and photographs must be presented in .tif or .jpeg format, minimum resolution 300 dpi, in final print size. Authors must keep the same aspect ratio (no strange compression or stretching in the image). Drawings and charts must be submitted in editable format. Diagrams must be made in MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop (preferably .psd) or Corel Draw (rasterized).

  • UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index of the article;
  • Title of the article in Russian and in English;
  • Abstract of the article in Russian (min. 200 words, max. 250 words);
  • Keywords in Russian (7–10 keywords);
  • Abstract of the article in English (min. 200 words, max. 250 words);
  • Keywords in English (7–10 keywords);
  • Full text of the article (max. 40 000 characters with spaces, including metadata and bibliographic references);
  • Bibliographic references;
  • Author information in Russian and in English, including name(s) and last name(s), affiliation(s) (city and country), position, degree, postal and e-mail addresses;
  • Source of funding (grant), if applicable.

For detailed paper formatting requirements, see.

The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject the submitted papers if they do not comply with the topic and format of the conference.

Last updated on 16.02.2023