Artist talk with Viktor Kolář. Photos

Last Saturday, 10 December, ROSPHOTO held an artist talk with Viktor Kolář. Have a look at the photos from the event to see what you missed.

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“Surrealism of the Everyday”. Photos from the exhibition opening

Until 12 February, the works by one of the most influential exponents of Czech documentary photography, Viktor Kolář, are on view in the Yard Exhibition Hall of ROSPHOTO. Here you can see photos from the official exhibtion opening.

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“The Zerkalo Photo Club. Forever After”. Photos from the exhibition opening

An exhibition devoted to the Zerkalo photo club and Leningrad amateur photography of the 1970s–1990s as a cultural phenomenon opened in the Front Building Exhibition Hall, on the 2nd floor. Here you can see the photos from its official opening.

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‘The Voyage on the Сruiser Dmitrii Donskoi’ in the Virtual Museum

‘The voyage on board the cruiser Dmitrii Donskoi’ is an album of photographs dated from the late 19th century which provide a unique opportunity to see the life of the first Russian armored cruiser through the eyes of the ship’s contemporaries. Thanks to multimedia technologies the photo album — an item which is originally meant to be held in hands — has been turned into the interactive object, thus allowing the visitors to examine all the facets of the matter, including the historical context. The pictures in high resolution, background sounds and music, the interactive map and explanatory accompanying texts will help to feel the atmosphere of a sea journey on board the warship. Now you can see the project in the Virtual Museum!

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Seminar on restoration of film negatives for museum professionals

During the current week, ROSPHOTO is holding a seminar on restoration of film negatives for museum professionals.

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Seminar on the specificities of photograph restoration

The ROSPHOTO State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre’s Restoration Department specialists conducted a seminar on the specificities of photograph restoration and conservation for museum professionals. The seminar ended on October, 14th.

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ROSPHOTO in Budapest

This week ROSPHOTO takes part in the Art Market Budapest contemporary art fair. ROSPHOTO exhibition “Origins of the New Russian Photography” is open within the non-commercial section devoted to photography.

‘Mandelstam’s Armenia’ extension

The exhibition ‘Mandelstam’s Armenia. Photographs of Armenia of the early 20th century’ extended until 13 November!


On October 6th, at the ICOM Russia report and elective conference, Zakhar Kolovsky, the director of ROSPHOTO, was elected as a member of the Presidium of ICOM Russia for the term 2016–2019.

Admission price

Please note that from October, 1 the admission is free every 5th and 20th day of the month.