ROSPHOTO exhibit projects are to be displayed in Budapest

This October two exhibitions of works by underground Soviet authors will be presented in the program of Art Market Budapest — the International Contemporary art Fair.

Boris Smelov. Photographs of the 1960s — 1980s

Exhibition stand of ROSPHOTO, 2–6 October, Millenáris park, Budapest

For more than thirty years, Boris Smelov’s work has been seen as a hallmark of nonconformist photography in Leningrad. During the last decade, his photographs have again drawn the attention of both the public and professionals. The exhibition presents a small part of the extensive collection of works by Boris Smelov held in the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO in St. Petersburg.

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Boris Smelov
Pavlovsk, 1991

Stay True. Internal and External Emigration in Soviet Photographs of the 1970s—1990s

3 October — November, Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest, Kiscelli u. 108

Authors: Boris Kudryakov, Boris Smelov, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Gennady Prikhodko, Nikolay Matrenin, Evgeny Antonenko. Dmitry Vilensky, Sergei Zhirkevich, Sergei Grigoriev, Sergei Podgorkov, Sergei Korolev, Yuri Zhuravsky, Pavel Ivanov, Vladimir Sichov, Valentin Samarin

The 1960s in the USSR—a period known as the Thaw— was marked by joy at the expansion of civil liberties and a fresh impetus to Soviet culture and art. An emerging wave of young artists, poets, cinematographers, and photographers outshined previous generations of creators. In the late 1960s and 1970s, however, many of them felt stuck with no hope for change, so they set their minds on emigration: external, beyond the state borders; or internal, retreating into informal groups and associations, whose activity was nevertheless monitored by the authorities.

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Pavel Ivanov
Great-grandmother’s dress
Leningrad, 1983

Special offer from ROSPHOTO and Russian Railways 

Get your entry ticket to ROSPHOTO at half price with a train ticket.

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Writing with Light. Dmitry Yermakov

Between 17 April and 19 May, ROSPHOTO holds an exhibition, organized jointly with the Russian Museum of Ethnography, of over a hundred original prints by Dmitry Yermakov, who worked in Tiflis at the turn of the twentieth century. We are glad to share with you an article presenting the findings of ROSPHOTO researchers on the life and work of the master.

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ROSPHOTO curator on the exhibition “Leisure Time and Other Stories”

Polish-based artist Mikołaj Długosz has amassed a variety of amateur and professional photographs dedicated to leisure and everyday life of a mid- and late-20th-century tourist resort.

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Discount on exhibition tickets with 2018 FIFA World Cup Fan ID

Between 19 June and 15 July, admission to ROSPHOTO exhibitions is only 100 rubles for FIFA World Cup Fan ID holders.

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‘The Voyage on the Сruiser Dmitrii Donskoi’ in the Virtual Museum

'The voyage on board the cruiser Dmitrii Donskoi' is an album of photographs dated from the late 19th century which provide a unique opportunity to see the life of the first Russian armored cruiser through the eyes of the ship’s contemporaries.

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Seminar on restoration of film negatives for museum professionals

During the current week, ROSPHOTO is holding a seminar on restoration of film negatives for museum professionals.

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Seminar on the specificities of photograph restoration

The ROSPHOTO State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre’s Restoration Department specialists conducted a seminar on the specificities of photograph restoration and conservation for museum professionals. The seminar ended on October, 14th.

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On October 6th, at the ICOM Russia report and elective conference, Zakhar Kolovsky, the director of ROSPHOTO, was elected as a member of the Presidium of ICOM Russia for the term 2016–2019.