The exhibition is dedicated to the centenary of the end of the First World War, one of the most massive and deadly conflicts in human history. The display includes unique photographs and other items putting a spotlight on the naval and air forces of the Great War, medicine and charity in the near-front zone, as well as everyday life of the home fronts.

The photographs featured in the exhibition were taken by Russian photo correspondents, those of the Allied Powers and of the enemy troops. Moreover, pictures by Russian officers whose albums of photographs have survived until the present day are presented.

Home front subjects related to charities and hospitals were shot by famous Russian photographers K. Bulla, his sons A. Bulla and V. Bulla, J. Steinberg, A. Saveliev.

The display also includes medical equipment and first aid kit tools used in the war, as well as records documenting the actions of the Russian Expeditionary Force in France.

The exhibition project presents photographs from the collections of State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO, State Archive of the Navy, Central State Film and Photo Archive of St. Petersburg, Museum of Military Medicine, objects and photographic records from private collections.