The new project by Vladimir Tarasov is dedicated to the theme of memory, the remembrances of the past epoche and the friends gone.

The title of the artwork, Something Going On in Front of the Sea (2011) refers to Vladimir Tarasov’s first solo disc, named after the work of Yuri Dyshlenko, the outstanding artist who was born in Leningrad and tragically died in New York in 1995. Tarasov defines this work as dedication to Yuri Dyshlenko and a version of his painting.

The Bench (2012) is based on the series of photographs taken by Zakhar Kolovsky through the window of an old house in the centre of St.-Petersburg. The series was created in the span of two years in the early 2000’s and shows the changing seasons and likewise changing inhabitants of one courtyard as an image of a whole epoch that still keeps echoing.